Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Who are we?

I'm conscious that at the start of a new academic year, there are always new people joining school who don't know anything about the long history of the school or the Friends. So, here's a potted history and if you want to know more about what we were up to under our old name (Friends of Barnsley Christian School), you can access the old blog via the link on the right.

Hope House School might be the new name, but the school was actually opened, on 22nd September 1986, as Barnsley Christian School. As with most schools, there is a long history of parents, staff and friends working behind the scenes to raise funds to buy equipment and improve facilities and to provide social gatherings for pupils and parents. Some years ago, we decided that 'Friends' covered the range of people involved better than just being the PTA (which stands for Parents & Teachers' Association.) Now that the school has changed its name, we are known as 'Friends of Hope House School' (or F.H.H.S.) and our aims remain the same:
∙ To support the aims of the school and to bring together parents, staff, family and friends by providing social events where all groups are able to relax together.
∙ To raise funds for equipment which the school could not otherwise afford.
∙ To encourage the bringing together of the talents of pupils, parents, staff and friends for our mutual encouragement.

Every year, a group of willing volunteer helpers organise a range of events and activities and we are always welcome to new members and new ideas. If you would like to come along to meetings or just put forward your suggestions, please contact us via the school office or telephone 01226 211011. This year, our Chair is Jayne Wagstaff and our Treasurer is Julie Stead and I continue as the Secretary (Julie Turner). Please do feel free to contact us if you would like to know more or want to support the school in any way.

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