Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Planning meetings

Maybe some of you are put off by the invitations to FHHS Planning Meetings (sent out regularly to all parents and, by virtue of the Internet, to all friends of the school.) Maybe you wonder exactly what goes on at a planning meeting and whether it is for you!

We meet several times in the school year, usually to organise fund-raising events during that term. We start with a drink (and biscuits or cakes if someone has been kind enough to bring these!) and things are discussed in a very relaxed style, as the photos below show:

There is generally a core group of about 10 people who are willing to give up a couple of hours every 7-8 weeks or so to help the school to plan events that can help us raise funds to buy more equipment or organise activities for pupils and parents to be involved in. Last year we raised £2300.73! Thank you to everyone who helped organise all the events, who contributed home made baking, who attended events, who supported us in whatever ways possible. Your contributions provided PE equipment for the Primary department, radio-controlled clocks for school, 'Memories Books' for Y11 leavers, a Jubilee party for the whole school and IT equipment. We hope you will be willing to continue your support this year and maybe even pluck up the courage to attend a FHHS Planning meeting in future!

The next one, incidentally, is on Monday 12th November at 7.30 p.m. at school.

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