Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Swimming away...

How are you getting on with the Channel Challenge Sponsored Swim?

This event started on 23rd March and will run through until the beginning of June, with a number of gallant volunteers swimming a range of distances to raise funds for the school. Pupils, former pupils, parents, governors and staff have all joined in:

* Mrs Turner
* Mr Wapples
* Emily Wapples
* James Wapples
* Sam Clee
* Samuel Hen
* Edward Alsop
* Jack Susans
* Mrs Shaw
* Tom Shaw
* William Sutton
* Alfie Sutton
* Isaac Sutton
* Jamie Tindle
* Hannah Wagstaff
* Mr Wagstaff
* Charis Stead
* Mr Felton
* Mrs Felton

Between us, we have pledged 59 miles, which has exceeded our target of 44 miles (that distance being the 'Channel Challenge' from Dover to Calais and back). Distances pledged range from 100 metres to 11 miles. Some have been swimming indoors:

Others have pledged to do this in the great outdoors (either in England or in warmer seas):

Our thanks go to all who are swimming for school and to all of you who have pledged sponsor monies - these need to be handed in by Friday 7th June at the latest.

Have fun swimming!

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