Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Project updates

You might rightly wonder what we do with all the money raised from the variety of events held throughout the year. Our aim is to improve the facilities and equipment in school and over the past year we have bought a number of projectors and monitors and printers for different classrooms. We will shortly be buying a projector for the Early Years Unit. We have also given money to buy materials for new costumes for the Primary Department for the Christmas play and to the Senior Drama Department for purchasing props for different drama pieces devised by pupils.

Our next main project will be to help refurbish the outdoor area between school and the Post Office. Pupils have been asked to come up with ideas and designs for this area and we hope that it can be transformed into an outdoor learning/ play environment. It will certainly need a lot of hard work and good ideas to transform what is basically an overgrown, neglected piece of land into an area of fun and learning, but that is the kind of project we like to support, because we know that parents and friends like to see the money they donate through all these events result in visible, lasting change.

The area currently looks like this:

Use your imaginations and think what it could look like and hopefully we will be able to show photographs of the various stages of transformation as we work to provide all pupils with a place of beauty rather than desolation and neglect!

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