Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Update on outdoor play area

Many thanks for all your support during the autumn term. As we are about to break up for Christmas, I thought I would update you on the outdoor play area.

Because an outdoor play area is a statutory requirement for schools, making this area fit for purpose has long been our aim. Following the inspection in October, we have been told this needs to be completed sooner rather than later and because of this, plans will have to be scaled back initially so that the first phase is completed in spring 2014. We may well then go on to develop the area further to include rendered walls and other areas, but for now, the primary objective is to ensure a safe, even floor surface on which children can play.

We had a quote from a company (run by a former pupil) which specialises in play surfaces like Aquapour, but unfortunately, this is very expensive and we could not afford this in the timescales required. We are currently therefore looking at alternative materials such as concrete, tarmac or flagstones. The disadvantages of concrete or tarmac is access to the area.

As soon as definite costings are available, we will be able to move forward with plans and hope this area will soon be available to pupils.

The next FHHS meeting will be on Monday 20th January at 7:30 p.m. and we look forward to seeing you there. Those of you with technical expertise in the building world would be particularly welcome!

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