Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Thanks to all who baked for the Bake 'n' Take on Monday; we made £60.20 at this event.

Don't forget the second Maintenance Day on Saturday (15th February), starting at 10 a.m. We had a good number of people who helped out on Saturday and a lot of the heavy work was done. The rest of the work needs finishing this Saturday, including moving all the soil out through the corridors to the EYFS yard where we will be having a skip to get rid of all the soil and rubble.

It really does help us if you can let us know in advance if you are coming, particularly so that we can decide what to do about lunch refreshments and if an afternoon sessions will be required. Please let Mike know in the school office if you are intending to come.

The actual re-surfacing of the play area will take place during the half-term holiday by a firm called Morton Groundworks.

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