Thursday, 20 August 2015

New year ahead!

Schools in the UK operate on the principle that the new year starts in September... and so it's not long until the start of the new academic year 2015-2016. Today (20th August) has seen GCSE results published; that really is the end of the old academic year! In just a few weeks' time, pupils will be gathering for a fresh start!

Last year was busy from so many points of view. Of particular note was the way that pupils rallied round the Pupil Enterprise Scheme, raising £494.19 through their creative schemes. Over the summer, benches and other furniture for the outdoor play area have been purchased and we look forward to seeing them installed for the new year. 

Other highlights of last year included Bake 'n' Takes (where people's skill and ingenuity in creating amazing food leaves us in awe and profit), a Christmas Fayre, a spring ceilidh and Easter Egg tombola. We hope to see new ideas and new faces as we start afresh in September, so we hope many of you will come to the Annual General Meeting on Monday 21st September at 7.30 p.m. to plan for the year ahead.

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