Monday, 20 October 2014

Pupil Enterprise Scheme

Why should fund-raising be left to the adults?!

We believe that young people have loads of great ideas for fund-raising and so we have launched the Hope House School Pupil Enterprise Scheme. Based on the Parable of the Talents (Matt 25:14-30), the idea is that we give pupils who wish to be involved in this scheme £2 to invest in their own fund-raising ideas. They might use the money to buy flour, butter and eggs and bake buns to sell to their friends and family. Or they may use the money to buy a bucket and sponge and offer to wash cars for their relatives as a way of earning money. The sky is the limit as far as ideas are concerned!

Pupils who want to be involved in this scheme just need to bring the parent permission slip back to school by this Thursday (23rd October) and they will be given the £2 to invest. They need to bring the funds raised into school (along with a brief note saying what they did to raise this money) by 5th December. All we ask is that the methods used are both ethical and legal!

Pupils will have a direct say in how these funds are spent. Through the Pupil Council, suggestions will be submitted and the Pupil Council will choose the ideas they think are best and all the monies raised will go towards these ideas. FHHS promises to give every participant a certificate and there will be prizes for the most raised and the most innovative fund-raising idea.

So don't forget to return the permission slips and let's find some new ways to raise funds!

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